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The Ozark Mountain Shootout is one of the top basketball showcase events in the Midwest. The idea for the Shootout was hatched at Clever High School in 2011.  After competing in a few Shootouts over the years, then head coach Brian McTague came up with the idea to create an event in Southwest Missouri that would draw teams from all over the South and the Midwest each December.  When Coach McTague made a career move to Branson High School, the event was held for the first time in 2012.  Following another career move to Springfield Glendale High School, the event has gone on to be held at Falcon Court and has flourished each year since.  Each year we host approximately 10-12 games over a two-three day period, bringing in some of the top programs from all levels from across the region.


We continually have multiple state championship level and Final Four teams from a five state region participating at Falcon Court at Glendale High School.  Our facility provides teams with the opportunity to play in a packed arena with an old school atmosphere.


After the third year of our event, the Ozarks Sports Zone quoted in an article “that outside of the Bass Pro Tournament of Champions, this is the best event in Ozarks”.


We would like to encourage you to visit our sponsor page.  We are fortunate to have many businesses in the local area that have agreed to partner with us to help make this event possible.

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